Endurance / Adventure / Triathlon/ Ironman Training

The numbers participating in Triathlon and Multi-Sport Adventure Events is increasing year on year. They are an excellent way for athletes of all fitness levels and backgrounds to push their bodies to new limits and test their abilities.

Once the decision to compete in a first triathlon or adventure race is made you must then take the next step of developing a training plan, preferably with an experienced and knowledgeable coach.

No athlete has  unlimited training time at their disposal, therefore it is essential to make the most out of the time available. Working with a coach ensures a highly customised training plan, specific to you. A coach maximises training efforts, as well as providing support, mentoring and guidance.

The main key for success in competing is building a solid base off of which to compete. This is where proper training and strategy from a coach is critical.

I have coached beginners and experienced athletes for many events; many to Half Ironman and Full Ironman success.

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Focus On Fitness

By 2014 I had competed in 7 Ironman races in 7 years and decided to change things up a little. I needed to set a new personal goal. In 2015 I decided to give The Race a go but missed the entry!

So in 2016 I made sure that I applied in time.

I started my training at the end of 2015 by competing in my first adventure race in Killarney followed with a race in Skibbereen; what an eye opener this was to the world of adventure racing. This type of racing is tough and I needed to get a plan together.
Read my Blog to see what happened next….

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