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Watt BikesGet your FTP test done

  • Set power profiles
  • Set power zones
  • Set HR zones
  • 1-1 bike sessions
  • 1-1 bike sessions on the road

Make sure you are training at the correct intensity and ready to race.

Pedal Efficiency

There is no shortcut to improving your pedaling efficiency, seemingly effortless technique is developed over many miles, but there are a number of things you can do to see if you can get more from your pedal stroke.

Pedal efficiency is very important in cycling and especially in time trialing. If the test is not carried out correctly the figures that you are training at will be wrong, you will not be training at the correct intensity, which in turn will effect overall performance.

The cost of the sessions are reduced for people who are currently doing a plan.

Getting it right means you’ll be producing more smooth and balanced power for the same or less energy used.

As well as improving  efficiency, a smooth  technique can also reduce the chance of injury to joints and muscles.

And when it comes to numbers…this may increase your FTP figure by up to 30 watts which in turn will improve figures in training.

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