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Open any magazine, scroll through your Facebook feed and you will soon come across an article/post on Weight Loss.

While there are plenty of ways to lose weight, maintaining that weight loss over time can often be difficult. A busy few weeks at work, stressful life events or a long awaited luxury holiday can allow old habits return.

If you’ve lost and found the same few pounds several times before, it’s probably time to go back to the basics of deciding on a healthy weight and diet. If you want to maintain this healthy weight for the rest of your life, it’s all about energy balance.

As someone who spent my twenties making poor diet choices along with no exercise I understand how difficult it can be to make that decision to get healthy. My weight crept up to eighteen stone, I was unhealthy and unhappy until I made that decision to focus on my health and transform my lifestyle. I am happy to work with anyone willing to work hard and follow my programme.
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