Focus on Fitness Training Camp

Please call Focus on Fitness to arrange any specific requirements prior to booking.

Each athlete must complete a health waiver prior to booking, and agree to its terms and conditions. Click Here

It is up to each athlete to arrange their own insurance.

Should any athlete require any specific medical aids or otherwise (eg, inhaler, supports etc), it is up to that athlete to disclose this information to the instructor prior to each class, and ensure that they have it with them.

It is the responsibility of every athlete to inform the instructor of any injury or reason that they cannot train or exercise and should any athlete feel any injury at any time during or before any session, they must immediately inform the instructor and refrain from training until they seek professional medical advice to do so.

Focus on Fitness reserve the right to refuse admission or to eject a participant without refund for behaviour likely to cause damage, injury or nuisance to themselves or to others.

Focus on Fitness  cannot be held responsible for injuries caused during the course of any training session.

Focus on Fitness  cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property during the training camp.

Instructors will not mind members property during training.

Session are subject to change and cancellation.

On occasion, we may need to change a training location or time for unforeseen circumstances.

Each athlete must wear appropriate training clothing during any session or activity.

Any activities, social nights etc may have additional charges, which will be clearly outlined on announcement or prior to event.

Photos, recording and video will be taken from time to time during the training camp, this will be used for social media and blogs related to Focus on Fitness, should any athlete not wish to have their picture or name published, they must inform Focus on Fitness by email before the camp.